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We provide assistance to Planning Consultants, Architects and individual applicants in preparing and scoping planning applications.  Due to the vast range of engineering challenges facing applicants we always advise a consultation and site visit prior to a pre-planning meeting to ensure all engineering issues are queried and addressed.

With increasing technical and legal obligation in the planning and certification process it is more important than ever to inform landowners and potential purchaser of the potential issues that may arise.  Drawing on our knowledge of the planning system, Local Authority preferences and technical challenges, we can provide holistic reviews of potential applications giving our clients engineering options and providing legislative from expert planning consultants where required.

The primary advantage of utilising an engineer to provide this assessment is that much of the outline design work can be completed within our design procedure.  Thus information can be utilised during the planning, tendering and construction process so there is no loss in efficiency.  This also aids accurate cost estimation at an early stage.