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Hutch O’Malley McBeath provides holistic Civil infrastructural consulting; combining decades of design experience together with asset appraisal experience and site resolution. The company has worked intensely in recent years with stakeholders involved in all parts of the infrastructural process, from design to handover;

  • Flood Risk Modelling and Risk assessment
  • Quantitative assessment of rainfall & tidal impacts

Through the utilisation of historic data and experience, Hutch O’Malley McBeath undertake a wide array of risk assessment from single houses to site specific assessments and broader wide area studies.  Hydrological models of varying complexity are produced to give an accurate picture of the potential flood levels.  Mitigation measures can be proposed on a global or local level as required.

Treatment Systems

Clean water = health world

As water is a precious and delicate resource the importance of good advice with regard to sewerage and potable water treatment is highly important.  We leverage our experience combined with external experts to provide clients with the most robust and cost effective solutions to their treatment requirements.  Our years of experience in infrastructural design ensures that an awareness of the efficiencies and pitfalls of the various proprietary systems can be conveyed to our clients.