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Hutch O’Malley McBeath provides holistic Civil infrastructural consulting, combining decades of design experience together with asset appraisal experience and site resolution.  The company has worked intensely in recent years with stakeholders involved in all parts of the infrastructural process from design to handover.

  • Analysis and design
  • The world is 3D and so is our design.
  • Re-developed and modernised methods of assessment and design have been implemented to provide dynamic designs and detailed feedback to the client with regard to quantities and appraisal of options.
  • Inspection and Assessment
  • Knowledge is power

A major variable in any construction project is the availability, condition and capacity of civil infrastructure.  This is true at all stages of its design life from conception to completion to rehabilitation.  Each stakeholder may have a variety of motivations but the goal is the same; achieve the most cost effective solution to enable servicing lands.

Local Authority Sewer Systems: Kilkenny, Clare and Tipperary South County Councils.
Industrial Estates: Eli Lilly, Element Six.
Distressed Assets: Grant Thornton, AIB, Farrell Grant Sparks, IBRC, Ulster Bank,
Private Developments: Nautic Developments, Tomalin, Genesis Homes, Custom Construction, McInerney Homes Ltd, Cascon Developments

The data collection methods developed by Hutch O’Malley McBeath through interaction with key stakeholders has lead to one of the most sophisticated and flexible structures for data storage, presentation and analysis.  There are two primary philosophies – Keep data flexible and improve accessibility.

There are many bespoke and proprietary asset data storage programs and while each many achieve certain goals the advantage of Hutch O’Malley McBeath’s data management is that we can export to most design and storage programs while enabling open source access to non technical clients.

Our raw data approach to asset appraisal results in our company having the ability to quickly assimilate and interrogate survey data and produce analytical models.  This leads to more efficient simulation and enables the provision of more detailed design data to our clients.