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Client: McInerney Construction, Ulster Bank & Genesis Homes
Value: €20 – €50 million
Involvement: Civil & Structural design and certification.
Design team: Newenham Mulligan and Associates.

The development of this site began in 2008 following nearly 3 years of planning approval and consultation.  Altogether is was planned to develop circa 560 housing units along with almost a kilometer of the public main drainage.


6 co-dependent planning permissions along with a separate application for the public infrastructure were needed.  A number of landowners and banks were involved to divest rights and easements.  The site topology and available connection points meant little tolerance for error in underground services design.  Along with this ongoing archaeological investigations ruled out certain depths of excavation is some areas of the site.


Hutch O’Malley provided detailed 3D infrastructural design from compliant road gradients and floor levels to three dimensional clash detection for all infrastructure.  This allowed all parties to clearly see the bottlenecks in the estate design and critical elevation locations.


Detailed digital setting out information provided accurate volumetric valuations and ensured the rapid passing of design data and as built data to and from the site.