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Client: Showerings/Bulmers
Value: €500,000
Involvement: Specialist Design:  The design was based on the information gleaned from the soils report which allowed the most efficient and only solution to be put forward.
Design team: Mr. Bill Hutch,  Mr. David O’Malley, Mr. Fred Hollywood

The project was a design and build in conjunction with Bulmers, their architects and Mulcair’s Civil Engineering.  The tanks development was a new process to speed up the fermentation process.  The tanks were required to be fitted within a recently constructed warehouse.  The project required that an insitu reinforced concrete,14 meters deep tank be constructed inside the existing warehouse without resultant issues.


The soil investigation report indicated that soils at lower levels in the excavation pit were going to present problems and while the pit would be sheet piled the soils at the bottom were considered to be buoyant and unstable under variable pressure.


The project required that the sides of the excavation pit were sheet piled within the existing warehouse along with ensuring that the plugged bottom of the pit to restrict mud flow and water ingress during the construction was a controlled and safe environment to work in.  The project required not only internal dewatering but a reduction in the external pressure to a level successful enough to stabilise the migration soil particles into the sheet piled area.  This was also required to ensure that the existing warehouse floors did not settle due soil migration.


This project was a major success because the soil analysis was the most important decision taken by the practise.  It allowed the design team to make the correct decisions based on the soils report.  The design was based on the soils report and thus the contractor could price correctly and programme the project within the client’s tight timescale.