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Client: DW Developments Raheen
Value: Over € 80million
Involvement: Civil infrastructural design and coordination of infrastructural studies.
Design Team:  Hutch O’Malley; David O’Malley, Cillian Clair

This development is one of the largest planning applications outside of Dublin for a client who we have provided services for all over the country. Concept Layout


These lands are on the edge of the River Shannon, as only part of the site can be developed due to flood risk analysis is needed to show how surface water can be managed in this context.


Fully integrated analysis of low likelihood synthetic storm events combined with a tidal surge were needed to illustrate the robust design of the attenuated surface water system.


This analysis along with providing segmented design means the site can be built in a in a more practical phased basis. Infrastructural costs are the most challenging part of housing development as the are upfront and not repaid until sales are realised. Having logic in planning stage design means an efficient build out program.