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Client: Clare County Council
Greater than €5million
Involvement: Co-ordination of GPS & CCTV Survey, Audit and Digitisation of Survey Data, Preparation of Reports and Drawings
Design Team: AQS environmental, Advance Surveys, Nicholas O’Dwyer and Partners.

A full topographical and condition survey of Shannon was required by Clare County Council in order to schedule a remediation plan and model a network upgrade.  This covered over 1,600 acres, 30km of pipeline and 682 manhole surveys.


Due to GPS inaccuracies and some piecemeal information from the topographical and camera surveys the entire model had to be re-adjusted at stages during the process.


Hutch O’Malley developed an error checking algorithm to enable a review of all data.  This provided fast identification of pipelines with negative gradients and or inconsistencies in the topographical information.  It also enabled a scripted conversion of the data into the defunct SUS2000 data format required by the contract.  Hutch O’Malley developed a bespoke programming script to enable the import of text data into a Civil 3D .dwg.  This provided the ability for customised risk styling based on survey results and dynamic updating of the data for presentation.


By removing the need to reproduce drawings and models during each update Hutch O’Malley facilitated model refinement as additional data became available. It also provided a GIS styling of review information for presentation to stakeholders.