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Client: Nautic Construction
Value: €3million
Involvement: Specialist Design:  Soil investigation analysis coupled with experienced structural design allowed us to take advantage of the existing subsoils without resorting to a more traditional raft foundation
Design team: Mr. Fred Hollywood, Mr. Bill Hutch, Mr. John Morrissey

This project was for an existing client Nautic Construction Ltd and an investment group.

The development was a multi storey development of shop units, offices, car parking on two levels and residential units.  There were two blocks which were only linked by the car parking decks and ramps.  The client’s purchased the development on foot of a planning permission and retained the practise of Hutch Hollywood to design the structure, apply for a fire safety certificate, provide working details for construction phase and accordingly certify the development on completion.


The structures design involved the practise in devising economic solutions to development where the structure had to evolve with each change of use as we advanced up through the different stories. The fire safety was also complex given the different uses up through the blocks.


The development required transfer structures on both blocks.  The foundation design for the rear block also required innovation in utilizing the existing subsoil without resorting to a raft or plies as a solution.
The design required that the internal corridors were mechanically pressurized in the event of fire and the fire alarm had to be designed to manage this system.  This design threw up many complex issues which had to addressed and reasoned with the Fire Department before we could secure a Fire Safety Certificate.


The practise worked closely with the contractor and developed solutions which reduced the construction programme and ultimately the cost of the development.  The solutions avoided delays in the foundation development and reduced the project’s construction by 4 weeks.