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Client: Lisavairde Co-Op
Value: €1.5 million
Involvement: The client had specific requirements for the different food halls which were vital for efficiency going forward and we solved these issues with new methods of analysis
Specialist design: Experience and Management skills
Design team: Mr. Bill Hutch, Mr. Dylan Casey

This is a food production company that processes specialized packaged meat products ready to eat, suitable for a range of sizes for the consumer.  The company exports over 40% of its products to the EU block of countries.  The company has continued to expand over its 7 years and now plans to double it building size from its current size 1360m2 . The practise was retained to prepare plans for the new production areas and submit an application for planning along with the necessary applications for Fire Safety Certs, DAC and BCMS for the development.


The planning permission has been granted and we are waiting for approval to go to tender for the project.  The building has to developed to the highest standards for food safety and the use of panels that are robust, stable food safe finishes and are suitable in the event of a fire are paramount requirement given the layout and the need to defined access/exits for different stages of food preparation.


This requires special fire risk analysis when dealing with travel distances.  We have relied on guidance given in BS 9999 (2009) to deal with these aspects.  This document allowed us to maximise the travel distance and thereby improve layout for the client which was critical for the size of different food hall and processes.


The practise secured this project because of our of experience in the food industry and the number of projects that we have been directly involved in such as Shannon Meats, Rathkeale Co Limerick, Castlemahon Food Products Co Limerick, Desmond Meats Newcastle West, Co Limerick, Cold Storage Warehousing for Plassy Foods, Rathkeale, Co Limerick. The clients were aware of our past experience and knew that we could bring all this experience to invent economical solutions