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Client: Cloonsuck Properties
Value: Over € 2.5million
Involvement: Planning, Structural Design, Civil Design, BCAR.
Design Team:  Hutch O’Malley; David O’Malley, Dylan Casey, Cillian Clair

Construction of the final phase of the one of the most prestigious developments in Bunratty, Co. Clare


The development was partially finished during the Celtic Tiger, our client invested in the remainder of the site to complete the development and infrastructure. Due to the proximity to the original development visually similar construction was required. There was also a need to enable the houses to have attic conversions due to the high end nature of the development and premium price.


Full 3D revit models were produced, based on the existing buildings. This extended to a detailed structural design with significant structural roof member and first floor supports to provide open spaces and not to limit the internal configuration.


As all modifications and adjustment could be made in house the client saw the design evolve. It was possible to quickly show the knock on effects of additional wall thickness for insulation or different construction methodologies. The 3D design was also incorporated with the 3D civil layout to provide showcasing of the product for marketing etc.