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Value: Greater than €1million
Design Team:  James Corbett Architects

Hutch O’Malley McBeath were commissioned to undertake the structural design of this modern extension to an existing rural 1920s house which was originally designed for a parish priest but was never inhabited.


Working closely with the architects James Corbett at the commencement of the project the structural solution was adopted to achieve the architectural aims of “a new extension as something very different from the original house so as not to replicate or imitate the original form”.


The steel frame solution allowed for a simple solution in fixing the timber cladding to the extension and also allowed for an exaggerated timber pitched roof, thus achieving the architects aim of “one element of the rhythm of pitched roofs experienced within the courtyard allowing the new to sit comfortably with the old.  The layout achieved by the structural solution maximizes sunlight penetration and focuses the internal spaces on the gardens and courtyards on the site”.


Hutch O’Malley McBeath were  involved in the design of the foundations and the design of the structural steel frame.  The steel frame solution was adopted to achieve the aim of an exaggerated timber pitched roof and to achieve open areas within the extension allowing a solution with no internal columns.