Georeferenced conceptual model of site

Improved Layout

Hutch O’Malley McBeath are delighted to confirm planning has been granted to Cloonsuck Properties to improve the continuity and exclusivity of the Dun Ri Development by introducing solely detached units for the final phase. As a small bespoke project Hutch O’Malley McBeath we involved in the legal purchase and legal mapping along with surveying and development of 3D infrastructure and structural design. The planning process was relatively straightforward thanks to proactive engagement with the local authority. Fully analytical structural BIM models were created for the development in order to correctly replicate the existing houses and ensure accurate quantification by Cloonsuck Properties;

By modeling the units in 3D structural efficiencies became more obvious and easier to coordinate. The entire model contains structural elements helping onsite placement and allowing multiple sections to be called off at short notice.Re-orientation of the new units will not only maximise the private open space it also provides improved daylight through minor adjustment of orientation and windows;


Hutch O’Malley McBeath will continue to assist our client agreeing Part V with the local authority, preparing BCAR documentation, getting an Irish Water connection contract and ultimately delivering a quality and efficient housing development.