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The aim of any project Hutch O’Malley Consulting is commissioned to undertake is to provide a design solution, through close liaison with fellow consultants and contractors throughout the duration of the project which is easily constructed, responsible to the environment, efficient in its use of materials and energy and which delivers value for money.

This aim is achieved through the principles off:

  • Innovation
  • Effective communications
  • Availability
  • Integration

Innovation within any project is achieved, firstly through your staff having an appreciation and understanding of past Civil and Structural solutions and secondly, your staff having the experience and skills to develop and create appropriate solutions through an understanding of old and new materials, knowledge of construction techniques and access to the most up to date computer technologies.

This results in an innovative solution.

Effective communications, as a company, we adopt the principle that the Director for a project will always liaise closely with the client, the other design team consultants and contractor throughout the duration of project. This principle helps to not only achieve effective communications but also generate ideas to ensure high standards of design and construction.

We also ensure that for each and every project a Director of the company, (Project Sponsor), will always be available for monthly review meetings with the client and design team to review the progress of each project.

Integration, Hutch O’Malley McBeath believe that good Design Team relationships are fundamental to the overall success of any project, and recognize that the successful completion of a project depends on an integrated team approach and through close communication with the other design team members, aids in achieving an efficient, elegant and economical solution to each and every project.